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 招聘部门  市场部  招聘人数  2人
 工作地区  上海  工作性质  全职
 性别要求  不限  婚姻要求  不限
 学历要求  大专  工作经验  不限
 年龄要求  18岁以上  待遇水平  面议
 更新日期  2013-05-14  有效期至  长期有效
1. 负责完成区域销售指标。
2. 负责组织区域市场工作。
3. 按时按质填写并提交日工作报表。

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上海领潮生物科技有限公司(Shanghai Linc-Bio Science Co. LTD 简称:领潮生物)成立于2008年1月, 位于上海浦东开发区。领潮生物拥有曾参与国家抗体制备计划研究的专业制备抗体技术人员、中国科学院生化博士以及复旦微生物研究院博士等生物专业人员组成的创业领导小组。领潮生物以开发高性价比产品为目标,以服务和满足广大务,提供可靠的产品"为宗旨,永不停止地求新、求精、求更好。希望通过领潮生物的辛勤工作,为您免去不断的寻找试用各种原料的麻烦,为您提供更好的产品,也为中国的医学诊断事业略尽绵薄之力!

Company Profile

Linc-Bio Science Co. LTD (Linc-Bio)was established in February 2004, located in Shanghai Pudong Development Zone. The undertaking leading group is consisted of professionals once participated the country antibody preparation plan, Biochemistry Drs from Chinese Academy of Science and from Biochemical Research Institute of Fudan University. Targeting at the high performance-to-price products to meet the demand of our customers, Linc-Bio focuses on the production of antibody&antigen, the development of diagnostic kits as well as technical services mainly based on cytology and immunology. At present, Linc-Bio has become the most long-term and stable supplier for a lot of diagnostic manufacturers and scientific research units.

Main products and services:
Provide Mc&Pc Antibodies and Antigens for diagnostics
including tumor markers (AFP CEA PSA CA199 CA242 CA724 CA50 NSE CYFRA21-1 HCG), infectious diseases (HBV HCV HIV), ToRCH, drug abuse, heart disease, insulin etc. Meanwhile, provide ELISA kits for tumor markers,infectious,drug etc as well as WB immunohistochemistry agent;
Provide research and technology services: custom antibody providing ?(Mc&Pc Antibodies), antigen preparation, diagnostic kits manufacturing (OEM) as well as technical advisory, Immunology services (antibody purification, WB, IP, HCIP); Cytobiology services (original generation of cell culture, and tumor cell culture, SiRNA transfer , cell smears, cell histoimmmunology etc, as well as molecular biology techniques, recombinant protein expression.

Development vision
      Becoming one of the most outstanding suppliers in the field of protein immunodiagnostics, immunology research as well as the field of antibody engineering in the near future!

Performance pledges
      Purposing at " reliable products with sincere service ", Linc-Bio never stop innovation, refinement, and to do better hoping that through Linc-Bio’s hard work to dismiss you from your continuously hard trials to find materials for diagnostics. Providing you with our better products Linc-Bio hopes to do its pygmy effort for China's medical diagnosis enterprise!
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