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96/384 Manual Pipetting System

使用方式: 架设式
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By understanding how researchers work and how high flux pipetting is integrated into the lab's workflow, PRCXI designed SC9000 and has been applied in many areas, such as template copy, transfer between 96-well plates and 384-well plates, orifice and plate cleaning, dilution and ELISA / EIA. It can be pipetted in 96/384 wells at one time, simplifies the work of micro-applications, such as ELISA, cell analysis, qPCR and protein crystals and so on.
Use single-channel and multi-channel pipettes to set up analytical methods in 96-well plates is often very cumbersome and time consuming, and greatly increases the risk of skipping or re-loading in adding samples. While the PRCXI SC9000 needs only 6seconds to handle each 96-well plate, which saves you a lot of time to complete more important tasks such as data analysis and assumptions. The PRCXI SC9000 offers superior accuracy, and can be used within two ranges: 0.5~20μL、5~200μL.
Range 200 μL is very important for ELISA experiments with a range of 5 to 200 μL, since 96 reactions are carried out simultaneously. Range 20μL can be as low as 0.5μL, which simplifies the work of qPCR and other applications, and expands the 96-well plate’s process applications. The PRCXI? SC9000 ensures accurate and reproducible data on hole-to-hole or plate-to-plate pipetting. The PRCXI? SC9000 is a purely manual, durable and ergonomic device, easy to use, do not need other complicated computer programs or technical requirements. It is very useful in the laboratory and everyone can operate immediately. It is small, do not need electricity, and do not need any training.
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