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2 、免去新建核磁屏障室的麻烦,普通实验室即可

3 、M系列运转消耗为零,比传统磁共振每年可结省几十万的运转消耗费

4 、更好的磁共振造影剂T1成像效果





M7 Compact MRI for DedicatedMouse and Rat Imaging

The M7 compact, high-performance, one-touchMRI system is intended for dedicated imaging of mice and rats weighing up to700 grams. The M7 enables 2D and 3D, ex vivo, in vivo and in vitro imaging. Thesystem can be uniquely placed behind the bio-containment barrier for in vivoimaging. In addition to its comprehensive suite of applications for mousephenotyping, Aspect Imaging’s LumiQuant? package for generation of 3Dtomographic quantification of luminescence and co-registration with compact MRis optimized for use on the M7 platform.

Click here to read more aboutM7 at the MIC, USC.


One instrument, multipleapplications

The M7 has all the capabilities to routinelyand repeatedly quantify phenotypes in rats and mouse models of disease,including:

·Cancer Research


·Contrast-based Molecular Imaging

·Diabetes and Obesity

·Embryology / Developmental Biology



·Stem Cell / Cell Tracking


3D Whole Body MorphologicalImaging

The M7 compact, high-performance MRI systemenables high-resolution 3D whole body morphological imaging of rat and mousemodels of disease. Biologists and researchers without prior MR or imagingexperience can now leverage the gold standard modality – MRI – for morphological imaging. The M7is an in vivo imaging platform that is:

·Easy to learn,

·Effortless to operate, and

·Fast to generate reproducible, quantitativeresults of phenotypes and therapeutic ·efficacy.



 The M7 provides a high-performance in vivoMRI system that is virtually maintenance free. The system requires:

·No cryogens,

·No auxiliary power, and

·No compressors or plumbing that requireservicing



The M7, like all compact MRI systems fromAspect Imaging, can be placed in most locations in a facility and doesn’trequire an infrastructure typically needed with superconducting MRI system orcryogen-free MRI systems. The system therefore does not require any of thefollowing:

·No shielding

·No auxiliary power supplies or services

·No plumbing, pumps or compressors

The M7 can therefore be placed:

·In a small animal core imaging facility

·Right next to other modalities like PET, CTor optical

·In a working lab

·Behind the barrier






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