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美国sigma人血纤维蛋白原 SIGMA-F3879

品牌: 美国sigma
单价: 580.00元/100MG
起订: 1 100MG
供货总量: 1000 100MG
发货期限: 自买家付款之日起 1 天内发货
所在地: 浙江 杭州
有效期至: 长期有效
最后更新: 2018-08-28 10:18
浏览次数: 192
中文名(CN) 英文名(EN) CAS No. 规格(SP) 报价(CNY) 产地(From) 类别(Key)
人血纤维蛋白原 Fibrinogen from human plasma 9001-32-5 100MG 586.00 SIGMA-F3879 生化试剂
人血纤维蛋白原 Fibrinogen from human plasma 9001-32-5 250MG 1085.00 SIGMA-F3879 生化试剂
人血纤维蛋白原 Fibrinogen from human plasma 9001-32-5 1G 3000.00 SIGMA-F3879 生化试剂
人血纤维蛋白原 Fibrinogen from human plasma 9001-32-5 10G 22400.00 SIGMA-F3879 生化试剂
人血纤维蛋白原 Fibrinogen from human plasma 9001-32-5 100G 144695.00 SIGMA-F3879 生化试剂




产品名称 人血纤维蛋白原 : Fibrinogen from human plasma ——【产品编号:SIGMA-F3879】
CAS编号 9001-32-5
别名 人纤维蛋白原,Fibrinogen human,human Fibrinogen,Factor I
级别 科学级
纯度&分析 50-70% protein (≥80% of protein is clottable)
Tips 此产品来源于人类血浆,可用于生化分析、细胞培养或其他科研领域。
分子式 N/A
分子量 N/A
储存条件 -20 °C 低温冷冻保存。
Quality Level PREMIUM
quality 50-70% protein (≥80% of protein is clottable)
mol wt α-chain mol wt 63.5 kDa
  β-chain mol wt 56 kDa
  γ chain mol wt 47 kDa (about 4% carbohydrate content)
  soluble dimer mol wt 340 kDa
原产地 美国

Analysis Note

Protein determined by biuret

Physical form

Lyophilized powder containing ~15% sodium citrate and ~25% sodium chloride.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Fibrinogen is an acute phase protein that is part of the coagulation cascade of proteins. The end result of the cascade is the production of thrombin that converts fibrinogen to fibrin. Thrombin rapidly proteolyses fibrinogen, releasing fibrinopeptide A. The loss of this small peptide is not sufficient to make the resulting fibrin molecule insoluble, but it tends to form complexes with adjacent fibrin and fibrinogen molecules. Thrombin then cleaves a second peptide, fibrinopeptide B, from fibrin and the fibrin monomers formed then polymerize spontaneously to form an insoluble gel. The polymerized fibrin is held together by noncovalent and electrostatic forces and stabilized by the transamidating enzyme, factor XIIIa, that is produced by the action of thrombin on factor XIII. The insoluble fibrin aggregates (clots) and aggregated platelets then block the damaged blood vessel and prevent further bleeding. The amount of fibrinogen in the plasma can serve as a nonspecific indicator of whether or not an inflammatory process is present in the body. Fibrinogen from any mammalian source will be cleaved by thrombin from any mammalian source.


Source material has tested negative for HIV and HBsAg.

供货状态 True

Attali, C., et al., Streptococcus Pneumoniae Choline-binding Protein E Interaction With Plasminogen/plasmin Stimulates Migration Across The Extracellular Matrix. Infect. Immun. 76, 466-76, (2008)

Liu, Z., et al., Adsorption Of Amphiphilic Hyperbranched Polyglycerol Derivatives onto Human Red Blood Cells. Biomaterials 31, 3364-73, (2010)

Merck 14,4071

类型 蛋白质
个人防护装备 Eyeshields, Gloves, type N95 (US), type P1 (EN143) respirator filter
危害码 B
WGK德国 3
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